Making good grooves into GREAT HITS!

MUSICPUSH is a music consultancy firm based in the USA specializing in EDM, Urban, Latino, and Pop genres. Our team is led by GIUSEPPE D., a highly acclaimed and multi-award-winning producer, remixer, programmer, and engineer, boasting over 30 years of experience. He and his team remain actively involved in the music business today, bringing a wealth of expertise and knowledge to our services.

The way it works is simple...

  • Choose from the list of services below and simply fill out the email. You can attach your song or track in mp3 format with a minimum bitrate of 192kbps, or provide a streaming link. MUSICPUSH will conduct a thorough review of your submission, completely free of charge, to assess its technical quality and potential for success as a hit.
  • After MUSICPUSH completes its review, you will receive a comprehensive report via email, containing valuable expert advice. This report will outline whether your song/track requires minor adjustments such as keyboard or drum parts, vocal fixes, an improved mix, or possibly even a remix to elevate its potential further.
  • MUSICPUSH offers a comprehensive range of services and beyond. If you're ready to elevate your music to the next level, MUSICPUSH will provide you with a customized economic budget to get started. You can then easily make payments via the "Payments" menu option above.

"It's like having a complete team of skilled music professionals at your disposal!" GD

Artist Push

A&R and Artist Development services to push your artistry further.

Production Push

MIDI programming and mixing services done by a human.

Remix Push

Next level remixing services for mixshow and club play.

Vocal Sculpting

Able to make ANY vocal performance pitch- and rhythm-perfect.

Master Push

Next level mastering services done by a human.

Sample Instant Replay

Reduplicate your favorite part of a song for your own music.

Track Transfer

Able to migrate sessions from any DAW or media to another with ease.

Marketing Push

Services to help maximize your music release.

Brand Push

Bio, press release and graphic design services.